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Securapark Electric Parking Barrier
Automatic Parking Protector
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Automatic Fold Down Parking Barrier. Battery Operated. Includes one remote control. Designed to protect individual car space, ideal for commercial / unit / townhouse carparks.

Securapark - Automatic

The standard Automatic Securapark is operated via a remote control so that you will never have to leave your vehicle.

Thousands of Securaparks have now been installed, and are designed to be run over with little risk of damage. The electronics are encased in tough mild steel.

Power Options
The Automatic Securapark (SPAB3) is powered by a small 12V 7AH battery which lasts 2-3 months (about 500-600 movements). Prior to the battery running low, Leda will come and change it for you or alternatively, you can charge the battery yourself with Leda?s battery charger (refer accessories). The keyring remote control?s battery will operate for many years.

Hard Wired
A 24V hard-wired model (SPAB4) is also available and is particularly suited for new buildings or parking areas where it is easy to run power. A transformer to operate 4 Securapark units is available.
Remote control options

Remote controls
A standard Automatic Securapark comes with one remote control unit which has a 20-30 metre range. Multiple remote controls are available and up to 4 Securaparks can be linked to the one remote control, which caters for situations where many people will be using a common parking area at different times.
Up to 4 remote controls can be programmed to the one unit
Car park integration
Product Specifications


Car Park Integration

Larger parking areas and public car parks utilise Securapark by incorporating it into existing access control systems. Securapark provides the flexibility to solve a number of problems in and around traditional parking areas such as:

? Hastening car park entry and exit.
? Separating permanent parkers from queuing.
? Preventing casual parkers from using reserved areas.

There are a number of options for installation and ongoing service throughout the region so please contact our offices to discuss your requirements. Leda will assist in designing a system to suit your site or project.




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