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BGV 60
Boom Gates
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P940009 00001 right / P940009 00003 left

Electro-mechanical road barrier for heavy traffic. Twelve second opening for bars up to 6.0mtrs. Including Orion G BR control unit.

Electromechanical operator for road barriers with boom length up to 7 m, for heavy traffic

Sturdy and reliable, the BGV barrier is suitable for car parks and passageways with heavy traffic.
Boom balancing can be adjusted, and is controlled by a compression spring.
Provided with an incorporated control panel, BGV is available in low, medium and high-speed versions in relation to its boom length.
Also available in stainless steel.

Technical features
BGV 60
Single-phase power supply 230V 10%, 50 Hz
Absorbed power 180 W
Thermal protection Integrated
Max boom lenght 6 m (7 with counterweight)
Opening and closing time 12 sec
Type of lock mechanical closing/opening
Manual manoeuvre handle
No. manoeuvres in 24 hours continuous service
Control panel ORION G BR
Type of limit electric, incorporated, and adjustable
Environmental conditions from -10C to +55C
Degree of protection IP 24
Operator weight without boom 600N (~60 kg)
Dimensions see drawing

Example of installation Dimensions


M operator BGV 60 (right-side P940009 00001, left-side P940009 00003) with incorporated ORION G BR control panel
A boom AI 6 (N728007)
B anchor base BB (D730148)
F support fork FAF (D730088)
R single-channel rolling-code receiver, suitable for Mitto transmitter
T double-channel rolling-code transmitter, Mitto 2 (D111453)
Ftx-Frx Pair of photocells, Cellula 50 (P111272)
CF posts CC50 (P903004)
AL blinker Lampo PA (D113622 00001) with antenna SL433 (D111652)
S key selector, Intro (P121011)

For system layout and installation conditions, refer to the standards and laws in force in the country of installation.

Main characteristics
Electromechanical barrier for intensive use incorporated ORION G BR control panel various types of accessories, such as skirts, safety edges, lights, rest rods, can be mounted on the boom articulation 90 or 180 rest rod signal indication lights Main specifications: supply 230V 10% 50Hz power 180W Models available: BGV 30 with opening speed 3 sec., max boom length 3m BGV 45 with opening speed 6 sec., max boom length 4.5m BGV 60 with opening speed 12 sec., max boom length 7m.




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