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Single channel transmitter 27mhz

The FMT-301(NL) is an updated model of the FMT-201(NL). The FMT-301(NL) has an improved transmission, which complies with American, Canadian and European radio frequency regulations.The hand held, FMT-301(NL) is part of a single channel remote control system. A few of its applications could be as:

FMT-301 transmitter

  • a remote control switching device for garage doors, lights, gates, and automatic telephone dialer.
  • a personal security alarm activator for home safety or cash carrying businesses e.g. banks, shops service stations, etc.
  • a calling device for the elderly or handicapped.

The transmitter is housed in an attractive, high impact resistant grey ABS plastic case.

Pressing the designated switch on the front positively activates the transmitter. Activation is confirmed by the sound of its built-in buzzer.

The highest possible standard of performance is achieved by employing a crystal-controlled, frequency modulated radio signal operating in the 27MHz band. This is enhanced by a specially dedicated custom-built integrated circuit. The latest "state of the art" surface-mount technology (SMD) provides maximum reliability.

A 12-way code switch (part of the digital encoding system) is used in place of the usual 8 or 10 way systems of other manufactures. This enables the user to select any one of the 4096 available codes and thus ensure highest security against false operations. The code can be readily changed at any time.

An operating distance (in conjunction with our FMR series receivers) of 500 metres is possible.

The operating distance depends upon the receiver antenna and location. An independent test revealed the following ranges:

Range (Metres)
Receiver Antenna
Receiver Type
250 mm Long Wire
1000 mm Long Wire

Range tests was done in an open area test site with line-of-sight operation and the receiver antenna wire was fixed vertically, away from any metal objects.

When operating near its range limit, some improvements may be obtained by pointing the transmitter towards the receiver. This is due to its slightly directional properties.

The case of the transmitter has been designed to accept Elsema’s leather covers. The leather covers have a belt clip.




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