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Control Boards and Receiver Boards
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D113643 00002

Motor controller designed especially for 'ICARO' motor.Has sensitivity and torque electronically controlled seperately with built-in 'Intric Radio Receiver' with LCD display.

Control panel suitable for managing one singlephase
electromechanical operator with power up
to 750 W, without torque setting. 3 and 4-step
logic with automatic, semi-automatic and holdto-
run operation. Adjustable electrodynamic braking.
Rapid closing function. Input for pedestrian
Compatible with the EELINK protocol. Digital setting
of parameters and logics. Displaying of values
set by means of integrated multilingual display.
Autoset menu for: automatic detection of minimum
torque needed on opening and closing,
encoder sensitivity and braking. Resetting menu
for original factory-set (default) configurations.
Self-diagnosis function. Management of statistical
parameters. Possible management of centralised
installations via wire (master/slave system) up to
127 zones. Adjustable pedestrian opening.
Separate inputs for opening and closing. Separate
inputs for photocell and edge safety devices.
Clock input. Incorporated 433.92 MHz radio receiver,
rolling code with 64 codes. Universal connection
for radio receiver. Removable type terminal
bar to facilitate installation and any maintenance
or replacement.




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